The importance of words

By Susan Smalley, Ph. Unfortunately, it is far from true. Verbal insults, verbal abuse, and the power of words to affect your emotions and actions are well demonstrated in science.

The importance of words

Now, I'd like to emphasize something here: The Fact Sheet about your car should contain dozens and, preferably, even hundreds of facts about your car. Of course, since this is a confidential fact Sheet, not all of these facts will be positive and therefore, not every fact will translate to a benefit.

However, if you do your homework I mean really do it Onward to Step Three: What you need to do next is to start thinking about your offer. Your offer think of it as a business proposition is by far the most important element in the entire sales message we are constructing here.

The most common offer proposition of all goes something like this You should think more about how to "sweeten" your offer than any other aspect of writing copy.

Think about what you are selling. How would you like to buy it?

The importance of words

Would you want a free trial? A huge and legitimate discount?

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Would you like a free gift with your purchase like a color TV or a toaster oven? A night on the town with Kim Bassinger or Paul Newman? A free Florida vacation? Strong copy will not overcome a weak offer but. In any case, I want you to come up with the most powerful offer you can and reduce it to writing.

It should be no more than a few lines you should be able to get it all on the back of an envelope and don't worry about getting it right writing-wisejust get it down on paper.

It'll probably read something like this I'll also give you 5-years to pay me. Not only that, I'll throw in a free diving trip to the Bahamas for you and Paulette and I'll personally pay for ever drop of gas you use for the first 10, miles you drive!

Now that sounds like a deal, doesn't it? Hark unto me, Buckwheat: I can't say it often enough or strongly enough It Is The Deal Anywho, by now you should have three different "tools" you have created with your very own handwriting: Now, armed with these three important tools, is it time for us to finally start writing some copy?

Look here, friend, we've only just begun our "prep"!

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What we're going to do next is, we are going to program our neural, cerebral infra-network our mental writing with what it feels like to write world-class copy. OK, remember how, in several of my past issues, I've kept at you to create a "swipe file" of good ads, sales letters and so on?

Not to mention all those headline cards? Here's where it starts to pay off. What I want you to do now is go to your swipe file and pull out the best ads and sales letters in your collection that are selling automobiles.

And what you do next isThe Importance of Shakespeare. In a world where the quality of the art form called "writing" is so often said to be rapidly diminishing, it is important for scholars of English literature to retain some studies of the true classics, such as Shakespeare.

International Journal of Marketing, Financial Services & Management Research_____ ISSN Vol.2, No. 9, September ().

Non-Western (or at least non-English) models. Looking at some non-Indo-European languages, such as Quechua (see my intro to Quechua here), Chinese, Turkish, Arabic, or Swahili, can be eye-opening.. Learn other languages, if you can. This list of important words was drawn up by British rhetorician I.A.

Richards, author of several books including Basic English and Its Uses (). However, these words are not a part of the simplified version of the language that . Using transition words probably is something you’ll do automatically.

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Everybody uses them. You just need these words to tell your story. However, we noticed that lots of people don’t use enough transition words in their copy.

This is the official list of acceptable words for American tournament play approved by the National Scrabble Association in It is based on the Official Scrabble Players' Dictionary (OSPD), with a few modifications to better reflect the rules of the game.

Key Distinctions for Value Theories, and the Importance of Hume