Last day on earth essay

Catherine Owen Koning These days, many people talk about environmental issues and the importance of taking some action, from recycling to land protection. If "every day is Earth Day," then what is the importance of that one calendar day, April 22? For me, the question has great personal significance. It was on the second Earth Day, when I was in fifth grade no, don't do the math!

Last day on earth essay

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I found this question at lifehack. This is probably the simplest of these meaning making questions for me so far. Given only one day — not a week or six months like someone with a terminal illness — I would tell my friends and family how much I love them.

I would share intimate moments with my fella. I would spend time with my family in town — my dad, step-mom and brother. Then I would travel to see my daughter, her partner, my mom, my step-dad, my step-brother and his wife good thing they all live in the same city.

What else would there be to do? Why waste time trying to change the situation? I would not be able to negotiate with the powers in charge of the destruction of the earth. I would spend my last moments here with my loved ones.

I hope I would have the opportunity to feel the sun on my face, the wind in my hair, the earth beneath my barefeet and some running water through my fingers and toes. So, I hope the earth meets its final destruction on a nice summer day.

I have made my peace with death — it will come and I am sure the people I love know they are loved by me.

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But, still I am happy with the person I am and the life I am leading for the most part so that if I did die today all would be well. We should all live as though we are dying because in the end that is exactly what is happening.

Last day on earth essay

I hope that I am living my most authentic life because if today were the last day of the world I would not want to have any serious regrets. I also hope today is not the last day of the world because I want to see New York and London before I die! What would you do if today was the last day of the world?

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Short Essay on Earth ( Words) One rotation with respect to Sun is completed in 24 hours, called a solar day. The Earth rotates in counter-clock direction or from left to right-or eastward direction.

Rotation serves three reasons.

The submitted photograph should depict any tree that you consider your favorite, or find most beautiful around you. The rules of the photography competition are as follows:
Custom Writing Service | Orbit and turning[ change change source ] Earth turns at an angle an " axial tilt " in relation to its path around the Sun. Earth is part of the eight planets and many thousands of small bodies that move around the Sun as its solar system.
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Earth Day Essay - Franklin Pierce University Popular topics Earth is the only planet in the universe, where life originated.

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Original papers, fast turnaround and reasonable prices! Call us at How would I spend my last day on earth? If I had the choice, and let's say I do, I would spend the day with my children and grandchildren.

I would hold them very close and tell them how much I love them. They are proud of the way they have spent their time on earth, and they do not feel any qualms about continuing with their lifestyle for one last day.

They do not seriously consider doing something drastically different than their routines because they are happy with the way they have lived their lives. Sep 27,  · The survival shooter Last Day on Earth is set in a post apocalyptic world: in the world saw an outbreak of an unknown infection that destroyed almost all the human race/5(M).

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