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Men of Color White Men Total percent of women and men per level in race and gender pipeline may not sum to overall corporate pipeline totals, as the race pipeline only includes companies that were able to supply race data. Due to rounding, representation by race may sum to or 99 within some levels. The main takeaways Companies need to treat gender diversity like the business priority it is. Experts agree that articulating a business case, setting goals and reporting on progress, and rewarding success are key to driving organizational change.

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A closer look at the corporate pipeline

The band revealed that they plan to release their final album before putting an end to the band. The band was working on the follow up to their effort "Something Else" when Dolores died but the band has continued work on the effort that they hope to release next year.

Guitarist Noel Hogan spoke with The Guardian and revealed the following about the album, "Dolores had an awful lot going on and she was on a roll of being able to write.

She always said she found it hard to write songs when she was happy. She always said, put a bit of misery in her life and it was easier.

We will do this album and then that will be it.

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There is no need to continue. Much love and continued success to the entire band and to the incredible Black Star Riders fans worldwide. He will be an amazing addition to Black Star Riders, bringing a new edge and dynamic presence to the band.

I eagerly look forward to writing, recording album number 4 and touring the world with him, Robert, Scott and Chad.

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The best way to predict the future is to go and create it. The best is yet to come!In this report, the World Health Organization maps out what countries can do to modify their financing systems so they can move more quickly towards this goal - universal coverage - and sustain the gains that have been achieved The report builds on new research and lessons learnt from country experience.

It provides an action agenda for countries at all stages of development and proposes ways. This WHO report, produced in collaboration with Member States and other partners, provides for the first time, as accurate a picture as is presently possible of the magnitude of AMR and the current state of surveillance globally.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Rome, THE STATE OF FOOD SECURITY AND NUTRITION IN THE WORLD BUILDING RESILIENCE. The Year at Berkshire It was a good year for Berkshire on all major fronts, except one.

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Here are the important developments: ‹ Our “Powerhouse Five” – a collection of Berkshire’s largest non-insurance businesses – had a record $ billion of pre-tax earnings in , up $ billion from *. Summary. The vast majority of respondents to the Future of the Internet canvassing agree that the expanding networking of everything and everyone—the growth of the Internet of Things and embedded and wearable devices—will have widespread and beneficial effects by The full report of the National Climate Assessment provides an in-depth look at climate change impacts on the U.S.

It details the multitude of ways climate change is already affecting and will increasingly affect the lives of Americans.

WHO | Health systems financing: the path to universal coverage